photography, video, digital painting
and title effects

video, digital painting and title effects
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Promotional Videos
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Too many files, too many photos slowing down your systems?
Create a video from your digital images, work one on one with your own Project Editor. Optional: Add video for a montage effect (a montage is a video and image combined on screen)
animation, photography, video, digital and
hand painting and title effects
Featured:  Prentice Practice Pads

This custom designed video was created for use in Convention and Trade Show
Booths for display in areas of high traffic volume.  Designed to attract attention
with movement and color, concepts are introduced and completed in "at a glance"
scene lengths.  Branding and high visibility product placement throughout.  

Chapter style promotion offers flexibility, add  or subtract "blocks" as your business
evolves.  Provides an adaptable and durable video promotion.  Looping playback
and multiple formats for problem free display.

The Message Within the Message

Understanding the personality of a
business is an important key to
successful promotions.

Prentice Practice Pads is an upbeat and
energetic company.  They love what they
do, and it shows.  

Quality Percussion Products and vibrant
personalities combine to gain world wide
recognition for Prentice Practice Pads.  

What are your selling points?  Let Cannon Visual Concepts, Your Virtual Studio,
create a  custom promotion as unique as YOUR business.  

We look forward to getting to know you!
Promotional Videos from $150
set up included
For launching a new promotional campaign
or drawing fresh attention to your
products & services
Custom designs from Cannon Visual Concepts
provide durable marketing tools & offer a high
level of branding and visibility  
anywhere video
can be displayed
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Increase traffic and retention for
your Website and Social Media Pages!
Custom Graphics, One-of-a-kind Artistic
Designs and Professional Multi Layered
video editing
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