Paint what your heart sees.

My mother, Mary, was an artist.  She taught me "being an artist is like having a dream, and then turning it
around for the world to see.  First dream, then paint what your heart sees."  

"A few" years down the road and a digital revolution later, I am still taking Mom's advice.

Digital design involves working with colors, intensity, layering and action, and affords the creative
diversity to form dimension in virtual flat space. By combining graphic design with professional video
editing, art becomes movement.  

With the ability to blend traditional art forms of drawing, paint and model work with digital palettes and
techniques,  I found a growing demand for  our unique custom designs.

From an active client list including business professionals, individuals, entertainers and organizations, I
developed the services and support to collaborate and share creatively, from anywhere, to anywhere; a
true Virtual Studio experience.

While some other studios rely heavily on clip art and template bundles as a basis for their designs,
Cannon Visual Concepts delivers quality service and
original creative content.

We create all the images and designs you see.  We do not purchase and repackage clip art collections.  I
am not an image broker, I am an artist.  Our designs, images, even our standard background options are
original works, created by Cannon Visual Concepts, uniquely for you.  

At Cannon Visual Concepts, custom design doesn't cost more, but it is worth more.  

For me, custom design isn't one way of doing things, it is the only way, and as an artist, I spend more of
my day smiling when I am creating something fresh and new for you.  

Together, let's paint what YOUR heart sees.

For my Mother.

Caysie Cannon
Cannon Visual Concepts
Photo retouched to hide my true age.
All work done in-house.
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